Float Tube Fishing : a Great Technique for Catching Fish from a Float Tube

A float tube is a great way to fish a pond or small lake in an extremely efficient and effective manner. Float tube fishing is enjoyed by many anglers from coast to coast and if it is something you haven’t tried, a float tube should probably be added to your fishing repertoire sooner, rather than later. Fly fishing is probably the best known technique that is employed while float tube fishing, but traditional fly fishing is certainly not the only technique that is effective while fishing in this manner.

In this article I will outline a great technique for catching fish from a “fishing” tube that can be employed by anyone who uses traditional spin fishing gear. As a matter of fact this technique involves the use of an artificial fly, and you don’t have to be a “fly fisherman” or use fly fishing techniques or gear. The technique itself involves the use of something known as a casting bubble.

A casting bubble is simply a small “bubble” or float, similar in shape to a bobber, which can be filled with water for weight. This “bubble” is attached to your fishing line and the added weight gives you the ability to cast lightweight artificial flies effectively. The “bubble” is then retrieved, with the fly in tow, allowing you to use an artificial fly while using traditional spin fishing gear and tackle.

This float tube fishing rig is set up as follows. Begin by threading a casting bubble onto your fishing line and tying a small swivel to your line to act as a “stopper” for the casting bubble and to give you something to attach a leader to. A leader is now attached to the other end of the swivel. For this float tube fishing technique you want a leader that is at least five feet in length. An artificial fly is now tied to the end of the leader. What was just outlined is the rig itself.

The rig is then cast out and reeled in slowly with a “stop and start” retrieve for best results. Use your float tube to maneuver yourself into the area that you would like to fish, cast this rig into the water and go to work. The bottom line is that this is a great technique for catching fish from a float tube. This technique obviously works very well for all species if freshwater trout, but is also effective for large and small mouth bass, pan fish, and even large predatory fish such as pike. The key when targeting larger fish is to use artificial flies which are larger as well, and thus more appealing to larger fish.

As I said, the bottom line is that this fishing technique is very effective and should be added to any serious float tube fisherman’s arsenal sooner, rather than later.

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