Food Trucks in Portland, Ore.

I love the idea of food trucks. You know – the hipster modern ones with a variety of ethnic flavors and a fusion of food styles mixed and matched. I adore the inventiveness and freestyle way of thinking outside the box. The non-descript taco trucks of the last few decades have been replaced with gourmet food on wheels, and I’m looking forward to trying all the new flavors. A trip to Portland for a weekend of food truck experiences is in the works so after Googling it, I can see the hardest part will be making a decision about what to eat – so much take-out – so little time. A variety of websites are going to help, and I’m thinking the best way would be to carefully map out each day to get the most bang for my buck – and throw in a few microbrews and our weekend will be complete. I’ve decided that we need a mix of omnivore and vegetarian cuisine and then I definitely want a little Asian fusion with a touch of Middle Eastern and finally the ubiquitous taco truck to finish it off.

Follow the list below for helpful web sites and must-try-now food trucks I have discovered so you can also plan your Portland Foodie Experience.

Built To Grill received five starts on Yelp from 211 reviews as of the September 12, 2011. According to one reviewer – you MUST ORDER THE GNOCCI (yes – she said it all in caps). From slow roasted beef to linguine, sammies and clams with pasta. This food truck, focused on Italian sandwiches, is located in Southwest Portland in the Downtown area. Cash yes; credit cards no. One dollar sign. Excellent! Food Carts of Portland keeps up with the latest news on the food truck scene. From new ones such as Sneaky Kitty at SE 52nd and Foster, to Sok Sab Bai at SE 11th and Clay to food trucks that have closed like Ruby Dragon and Healthy Corner which is for sale on Craigslist. This website has a handy navigation bar on the right side that lists food by category offering a quick way to find exactly what you are in the mood for. Not only are there new ones and closed ones but these food trucks – because they have wheels, tend to move a lot. Wicked Wing Shack has moved to D-Street Noshery and Deadliest Catch has moved to Cartlandia – SE 82nd and Harney. Food trucks aren’t just about an entree. You can enjoy an appetizer at one truck, such as North Station (N Killingsworth and Greeley – 3-4 p.m.), have your main meal at Good Food Here, (SE 43rd and Belmont – 6:30-7:15 p.m.) and finish up with dessert at D Street Noshery (SE 32nd and Division). From Oregon Live we have a Portland’s Best New Food Trucks. Foodies will be very pleased with this lineup which includes cuisine inspired by Guam…one of those places that just doesn’t get much attention. PDX 671 uses ingredients sourced locally and creates inspiring dishes such as golden friend lumpia, shrimp fritters, Kelaguen Mannok, chunks of chicken tossed with lemon juice, peppers and coconut. What’s not to love! In the mood for maple bacon flavored ice cream? Fifty-Licks takes breakfast food to new heights. Apparently it takes fifty licks to finish a scoop. Looking for vegan or gluten-free? Try Sonny Bowl located in Southwest Portland at SW Third Avenue and SW Washington Street. Judging by the descriptions in the reviews it looks like Sonny Bowl has an Asian flair with a helping of Latin spices. El Nutri Taco, located at SE Woodstock in the Southeast Portland area, has 40 reviews and offers up Mexican, vegan and vegetarian. All your favorite Mexican meals are offered in a choice of meat or vegetarian. Sounds like extra napkins are a must. Before you go…do a little pre-food truck research and check to see if your favorites have Twitter accounts. This is a great way to get up to the minute info in case they have parked in another location. Additionally, food trucks come and go, so be flexible. The one you wanted might be closed for the day or even forever but judging by the grub activity in this part of the country the next food truck is just around the corner.

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