Four Obscure Foods My Toddler Will Eat

Trying to find something your toddler will eat can sometimes be a never ending battle. Once your child hits the age of 15 months, it seems feeding them becomes quite a task. The trick with picky eaters is to find something that they will eat and expand on those foods. My son quickly stopped eating like the champ he was and started to spit everything out of his mouth. Instead of getting frustrated with him, I decided to try new foods each day. When I would make my lunch or a snack, I would let him taste it. Sometimes is was the same spitting out of the food, but other times he seemed to enjoy what mom was having instead. These are some obscure my picky toddler will surprisingly eat.

I accidentally bought some chickpeas while grocery shopping, and I decided to use them on a salad. I had the extras placed in a bowl and ready to go in the fridge when my son started asking for them. After I handed him one, I was shocked to see him enjoying it. He asked for more and ate at least an adult sized handful. Now, he eats them at least once a week. So far so good with this weird food choice!

I wasn’t really shocked that he enjoyed guacamole because he had been eating sliced avocado for a while. He started to turn his nose up to the avocado, so I let him try the guacamole spread I use for sandwiches. There is a little kick to it, but that did not seem to phase him at all. He uses the guacamole to dip his Ritz crackers in for an afternoon snack.

Tuna Casserole
Now I am not sure how this love of his came about, but he absolutely goes to town with tuna casserole. In a way to make things cheaper, I concocted a version of tuna helper which includes only tuna and macaroni and cheese. He eats at least two bowls (kid size bowls) of this for dinner each time I make it. He would eat this everyday if he could.

Mild Salsa
When he first tried some, I was worried it might burn his tongue. To my complete surprise, he loved it and kept coming back for more. Mild salsa is not what I usually eat because I like super hot and spicy, but for his enjoyment we have bought the mild. He also likes the tortilla chips that he dips in them. I can only imagine he will grow up to like spicy like his mommy.

I am hoping that the picky stage only lasts for a few more months. I am still offering him all the foods we eat, but mainly he sticks to these foods and other standbys like grilled cheese or the good old hot dog. When I tell people which foods my picky toddler eats, they are puzzled. I am just glad that he still eats a semi variety of food and not just one specific thing.

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