Her Abyss

She sat and thought,

and stared into her abyss

of what might have been,

if she hadn’t left that day.

How different would things be,

for better or for worse?

She contemplated,

the consequences.

If she had stayed,

a prisoner of a kind

she’d have become,

trapped in a vortex of loneliness.

As her world consumed her,

dictated to by others

that would only seek to kill,

her free spirit and gentle karma.

Until she was worn away,

into submissive platitude

of unresolved desires,

to have lived her life to the full.

But, to have missed each step,

towards her freedom

as she was pulled,

in many different ways.

Forgetting herself,

amidst the needs of others

and ceasing to exist,

if she hadn’t left that day.

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