Herman Cain’s Accusation Involving Rick Perry is a Double Edge Sword

Many mainstream pundits and talking heads of the GOP were quick to blame the outing of Herman Cain sexual harassment incident on Democrats and some even called it another “lynching” as was mentioned in the Clarence Thomas Hearings. Now that it appears the incident may have been leaked by those within his own party, those who first claimed this is suspiciously quiet.

What may be getting lost in this entire endeavor is that Mr. Cain’s team may have leaked this themselves and playing the media for their own gain. Consider this, blame the Perry campaign and raise millions of dollars by gathering a larger part of the Republican elective, This ensure that Perry will not be the one to contend with Mitt Romney for the Republican nominee for President. The more people who side with Cain, the less Perry will garner and eventually may be forced to withdraw. Why else would you implicate anyone without providing proof? Now Rick Perry is attempting the same thing by pushing suspicion on to the Romney camp, possibly hoping to make his poll numbers drop even farther. What is plain to see however neither Perry nor Romney sees Cain as an obstacle is.

To determine who may have been behind the leak, one only has to look at those who would gain an advantage with the demise of Herman Cain. It would not benefit Barack Obama because seriously putting Herman Cain on stage with Obama, while it would be quite entertaining, would result in an Obama landslide victory. In my opinion there are quite a few people out there who are pretty good for this leak. People like Karl Rove who was the master behind many of Perry’s recent wins before they became foes. The women coming forward should not be the focus of the media; it will garner more ratings to find out who was actually behind the leak. Nothing wins ratings like a good Who Done It.

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