How to Stop Your Ex-boyfriend From Contacting You

Breaking up is never easy, even when you were the one who ended the relationship. If you have just called it a day with your ex-boyfriend, he may be pressuring you to stay in touch. How can you stop your ex-boyfriend from contacting you?

Return Your Ex-boyfriend’s Possessions

Do you still have a movie your ex-boyfriend lent you? Or a jacket he forgot to take home with him last time he was with you? If so, make sure you promptly return any of your ex-boyfriend’s possessions. Ask a trusted friend or family member to return the items if there is a possibility of a heated confrontation.

When you return items it will be easier to make a clean sweep. In addition, this will also help prevent any awkward run-ins in future when your ex-boyfriend asks for his possessions back.

Remove Him from Your Social Networking Contacts List

It makes no sense to keep your ex-boyfriend as a “friend” on a social networking site when you are no longer in a relationship or on friendly terms in real life. As soon as you have broken up with your ex-boyfriend, remove him from your social networking contacts list and block him if necessary.

This will make it impossible for him to try and message you. Removing an ex-boyfriend as a friend also removes the temptation to check up on what he has been doing since your break-up.

Take a Firm Stand

If you broke your ex-boyfriend’s heart by ending your relationship, he may still be harboring secret feelings for you and hoping to get back together. It is unfair to lead him on by giving him false hopes of reconciliation once you have made up your mind. Make your stand clear as soon as you have broken up and let it be known that you do not intend to get back together in future.

A wishy-washy approach, phone calls or text messages can send mixed signals and give out false hope. Quash these hopes before your ex-boyfriend gets the wrong idea and starts to respond. Change your phone number if you need to, or ignore messages until your ex-boyfriend gets the message that you no longer wish to be contacted.

Once you have broken up with your ex-boyfriend, you will need time to recover emotionally. If you are certain you no longer want any contact with your ex-boyfriend, it is important to take decisive steps that reinforce what you say. Return any of your ex-boyfriend’s possessions that you still have, remove him from your social networking contacts list and take a firm stand. Make it clear that you no longer want any contact and stick to your guns. If you do, your ex-boyfriend will soon get the message and move on with his life just as you have done.

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