How to Tell a Legitimate Russian Dating Site

How to Determine if a Russian Dating Site is Legitimate

Over the last decade Russian dating sites have flourished on the internet, with more and more Western men jumping on the Russian bridesbandwagon, it is now hard to tell which sites on the net are legitimate Russian dating sites. Here are just a few tips to help you decide whether the Russian dating site you are using is offering a real service or not.

Online Customer Service

Legitimate: Legitimate Russian dating sites will always offer you a selection of contact information options (email, phone, address, etc.) A good site will always answer your questions and reply to your emails within 24 hours.

Questionable: Questionable Russian dating sites will often have little contact information or sometimes an email response box, not even allowing you to see the web sites email address, you should always be aware of these sites, as some times you may be waiting days for a reply to any questions you have, sometimes you will not even receive a reply.

Online Scammer Protection

Legitimate: Reputable Russian dating sites will always take the upmost care to ensure scammers are removed from the site as soon as they are found, they will often have a system for reporting potential scammers. Reputable dating sites are in the business of operating a long term business it is in their own interest to remove any potential scammers as soon as they are discovered.

Questionable: Questionable Dating sites allow any women to sign up to their sites and often will not remove scammers even after customer complaints, if the site you have signed up to has no scammer protection you should take great care who you communicate with online, as often will be the case it will be a scammer .

Web Site Testimonials

Legitimate: Quality dating sites will always have some testimonials page; they are keen to point out their performance to bring people together.

Questionable: Questionable Russian dating sites will often have no testimonial pages or they will look very false, be sure to check out the stories look real.

Website History

Legitimate: Legitimate Russian dating sites would usually of been established for several years, you should search for their “about us ” page to learn a little about them, it is a good idea to Google the site and see what information comes up on the web.

Questionable: Many new Russian dating sites appear overnight only to disappear a month or two later, so be very careful where you spend your money, as you may find the site no longer exists.

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