How to Tell If Your Relationship is Stagnant

Most people know what a stagnant pond looks like. It is generally covered with bright green algae and light-seeking undergrowth, but what lies beneath this mess is anything but bright or green in the non-visual sense. It greatly lacks the necessary oxygen to survive, and this is how a relationship can end up if it is not nurtured and cared for in the most basic of ways. It can also be likened to a dead end job – laborious tasks where the rewards do not equal the amount of effort that must be put forth day after day. When wondering if your relationship is stagnant, read to find out if it could be time to move on. These are real reasons to take a big step back and look at the situation from a new perspective.

Has this Person Built an Invisible Wall?

Do you feel as if an invisible wall exists between you and a significant other? It is probably not your imagination. If it seems as if something is lacking in the relationship but you cannot quite put your finger on the problem, it is probably stagnant. The possibilities are too extensive to list. He or she could be a commitment phobe, they might be a user, or they might not really and truly care – at least not on a deeper level. Break down the wall through conversation in an effort to find out the truth. If he or she becomes angry when trying to discuss this issue, think about moving on. If the relationship is truly stagnant, this invisible wall will always exist.

Is He or She Selfish?

People can be very selfish, but they should not be selfish with a significant other if they really and truly care. Selfishness can be a sign that a relationship is stagnant, or it could be something even more serious. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and some people are naturally selfish. It will not be difficult to see if this person is self-centered. Selfishness is a very ugly attribute, and it will be glaringly apparent. The relationship will eventually become stagnant – if this has not already happened. This is because he or she will never be able to fully share or commit.

Listen for Clues Regarding the Future

When wondering if a relationship is stagnant, listen for clues regarding the future. If his or her future plans do not seem to be all-inclusive, it is most definitely stagnant in more ways than one. Consider moving on – unless of course a dormant go-nowhere relationship is good enough. This person might not know what they want. On the other hand, they might know exactly what they want regarding the future, and you might not fit their make-believe mold. They could be waiting for someone more desirable to come along, and in this case they are simply killing time. Only the person or persons involved can fully assess the situation and decide what to do.

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