How to Use Sexy Secrets for Christmas to Spice Up Your Love Life

The holidays can be a tad bit stressful, and people can forget to pull out their huge dildos, strapon toys and other vibrator toys that can make the holidays special. At times, couples can forget what the holidays are all about, and start fighting about who pays for what, how much to pay for gifts, and who is going where for the holidays. Instead of falling into a rut that leads to more fighting and less sex, you can set up some creatively sexy moments for you and your loved ones by getting some sexy Passion Party products. Here are a few sexy secrets that can put you and your partner in the holiday mood. Furthermore, not only will your partner look forward to having a great Christmas holiday filled with love, you and the woman or man you love will be able to easily get frisky in the bedroom.

1. First up, if you don’t have any experience with toys, Christmas time is the best time to experiment. So go big by getting yourself some Passion Parties sex toys. I would recommend getting a big dildo like the Jack Frost. The Jack Frost is a dual rotation and dual action vibrator that is the mother of all sex toys. He will work you with more than 10 inches in length, three speeds and a separate bullet within its shaft so that you can get g-spot stimulation. It’s water resistant, bendable and soft, while it delivers the ultimate in clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Get your partner to help. 2. Next, you can blind fold your man and slip on a Vibrating Gigi to get things spiced up. The Vibrating Gigi gives him the ultimate life like action, and encourages him to think of you every time he uses it. Don’t forget to get him some RomantaTherapy Lubrication. 3. Although sex toys are fire to set the mood for Christmas, you can get the a little intimacy started by using sensual massage. First, get a Super Deluxe Smitten from Passion Parties, a Bullet and RomantaTherapy Message Oil and you will be ready to give the best massage your partner has ever had. All you need to do is insert the Bullet into the Super Deluxe Smitten, put a generous amount of RomantaTherapy Message Oil onto the Smitten and then work your way from your partner’s angles to their neck. The bullet can be used alone like most dildos, but it’s great as a hand massager with the smitten. Happy sex and happy holidays from Passion Parties by Leah!

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