How Yoga Has Changed Me

I picked yoga and a year later now, I am proud of my decision. Here’s how.

I know a lot of us are very reluctant when it comes to fitness. But believe me, yoga is something which has to be experienced. Like most people, I assumed yoga to be a way of exercise, but after going to the classes for a month and practicing it myself at home, I realize that it is not an exercise. Yoga is a way of life.

In the initial days of my classes, I was very stiff. I found squatting on the floor in different positions quite uncomfortable because all through our life we are taught that we should sit and stand erect. We should follow etiquette. But after a week, I literally felt a new energy in my body.

My class comprised of suryanamaskaras for the beginning, followed by various asanas , this carried on for 50 minutes. In between we had a few relaxation asanas. And the final ten minutes in our 60 minute class was for pranayamam only. For those who don’t know, pranayamam or ‘breathing exercise’ should strictly be done in the presence of a guru or teacher. The pranayamam had a soothing effect on my breathing. After 15-20 days of pranayamam daily, I felt that all my life I had been breathing the wrong way!

The experience of a pranayama can’t be explained. It has to be experienced. You can actually feel the air flow smoothly through your nose.There are different pranayamas for different seasons. And there is also a specific time for doing these pranayamas.
Therefore, I suggest that everybody should experience the magic of yoga, because it is not just an exercise. It is a way of life.

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