Is Joe Paterno Dead?

It is another case of reported death without hard evidence. CBS news has reported that Joe Paterno , the infamous and beloved former coach of Penn State football had lost his battle with lung cancer today. The news has quickly spread throughout the internet as fact. Facebook pages paying tribute to a coach who has had such controversy and sadness plague the end of his career and life. The word has become the hot topic of search engines, blogs and Twitter as those who were touched by this legendary coach stand in awe that his life is ending in the middle of such controversy.

However, Joe Paterno may not in fact have passed. A family representative, Dan McGinn has spoken to the Associated Press and has indicated that he is in fact alive. His condition appears to be very serious and grave, but he is alive. The representative did not downplay the seriousness of his condition, but rather asked for prayers for Joe and his family. Scott Paterno, the son of Joe Paterno has also reported on Twitter that his father is alive but in very serious condition. There is no doubt that his lung cancer is very advanced and that his situation is very serious.

Those of us who were personally touched by Joe Paterno’s career at Penn State can only hope with a heavy heart that in these final days he and his family find peace. Many of us who were educated at Penn State or by nearby schools choose to remember the fiery Joe who rallied his troops to college bowls. We choose to celebrate the life of the man who led so many at Penn State to victory. God’s speed Joe, we can only hope that in these final days you will remember the best of times.

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