Is Mitt Romney Right? Could the U.S. Be Moving Away from a Free Market Economy?

I felt like almost every candidate in the Republican debate gave one campaign speech after another. Then again, what can you say with a 30 second time limit? The only remark that stayed with me came from Mitt Romney. He said that the U.S. Is only inches away from no longer having a free economy. That resonated with me, because I’ve thought that for some time.

The government is taking over so much, and small businesses are being squashed in the process. When Romney said that corporations are people too, I got it. So many think of “big corporations” as one entity. They don’t stop to realize that behind the companies are people too…People who have to make a living. And with out of control government spending and more and more regulations, how can they?

How Romney Wants to Turn the Economy Around

Romney says he is all about giving power back to the states. His anti-big-government stance hits home with me. I have a child about to enter college. And I keep hearing stories about kids graduating with a bachelor’s degree and no job. Because Obama is killing small business, that’s why! Stop the regulations, repeal the health care bill which many companies can’t afford, and let’s get our young people back to work.

Romney’s Plan to Make Businesses More Competitive Globally

The words “lower taxes for businesses” made my ears perk up. I feel like if we can get companies to become competitive again in the world marketplace, the economy will no doubt improve. Higher taxes don’t really help balance the budget, because they force businesses to leave the country.

I’m not saying Romney should definitely become the next president of the United States. It’s still early. But at least he didn’t speak in sound bites…one campaign speech after another. One more Republican worth taking a second look at is someone who wasn’t at the debate, Texas governor Rick Perry . These two men send a simple message: Stop spending and lower taxes. It’s an easy concept, just one the president won’t adhere to.

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