Is Reality a Computer Simulation like ‘The Matrix’

When thinking about the universe we normally think within the boundries of our human minds within our life and reality, but colour for example is an energy viewed by us as colour, but in fact thats only the picture our minds have built, helping us process this vast amount of vibrational energy and information turning it into an observable reality. The workings of the universe seem to have been almost fine tuned in order for us humans to evolve and survive on our planet. If the Sun was any closer we would burn up, further away and we would all freeze, too much carbon dioxide and we would all be poisoned, it’s hard not to believe that somewhere there must be a creator. Our civilisation seems to be progressing in science and technology at a very fast pace to depths unknown to us probing life and reality to new depths. Science is now able to look at and experiment with things in such minute detail, like single particles and waves, that reality acts differently to how we would expect. Young’s experiment for example showed that if you send a single particle of light towards two slits, if unobserved the particle of light will act as a wave and pass through both slits, but if observed will only pass through one slit. How can this be that reality changes if it is observed by something. Quantum computing is an example of how science is now using the strange way single particles act. Quantum computing is based on a particle being in two places at once, meaning it can be in position A, position B or both position A and position B. This is infact three outcomes that a computer processor can base its arithmatic on, compared to only two outcomes that a standard computer processor would operate on. As computers develop more and more, is it possible that one day we will have the computer power to make a simulation similar to our reality with Artificial Intelligent beings evolving within the simulation. The Professor Nick Bostrum produced an interesting paper with the following argument;

At least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor-simulations is false, unless we are currently living in a simulation.

The idea that we are all Artificial Intelligent beings, nothing more than electrical signals processed by a computer seems to have no regard for the beauty of life, the human soul and each individual human as a single consiouse entity.

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