Is Texas A&M for Real?

The truth is that there is no telling if Texas A&M is for real yet, but for a few years now they have been just a few steps away from being something special. Yes they have not been the traditional successful program for a while, but last year with the exception of Missouri they could have won both the game at Oklahoma State and the game against a very good Arkansas team. This year if A&M can make another run and goes against number one Oklahoma with both still undefeated a win there could propel Texas A&M into the national spotlight and give them a chance to win a national title. if Texas A&M loses that game then it wouldn’t harm them to much as long as its close, but if Texas A&M loses bad then that could mean that their ranking could be gravely negatively impacted.

Texas A&M has a lot to prove to the doubters around the nation but nothing proves doubters wrong more then winning. I think that Texas A&M is for real and looking at last season there is no reason to think that they can’t make it too a high bowl game or quite possibly the National Championship game. Realistically it won’t be easy for the Aggies and they have many games that they have to survive before they can even think about looking forward with the matchup between Oklahoma. Conference play is never easy and no matter what your ranking or talent level teams want to beat you and will give it their all. Its not easy for A&M to make it through their schedule to Oklahoma unscathed, but if Baylor continues to play well like they have been by the time Texas A&M comes to town circle this game on your calendar because it is sure to have National Championship implications for A&M and it will be no easy game.

It is shaping up to be a great college football season and within the coming weeks we will see who are the pretenders and who are the contenders of college football. There are many who say the Aggies are not for real yet and there are too many good teams this season, but people were saying the same things about Boise State after their win over Oklahoma years ago and they have done nothing but show up and win since beating Oklahoma. Yes they lost to Nevada last year, but all that aside the point is that you can’t count the Aggies out based on their past, its what they do here and now and week in and week out that matters. They are a National Championship contender in my mind and as long as they continue to show up and win week in and week out there will be little denying their place among those who deserve to challenge for the National Championship. There are a lot of good teams this season but the good thing for the Aggies is they face some of those good teams and the whole world and the voters will be watching.

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