Is Your Marriage Worth Fighting For?

How does a person know when their marriage is worth fighting? How does that same person know when the marriage is over? It seems that in today’s society, people are holding on to marriages for the wrong reasons. Women holds on to their marriages they know are over but they fear of being alone. They fear that they will be seen weak by women in their community for being single or being a single parent. Many women want the perfect marriage, but in reality, there is no such thing as anything being perfect. Instead of trying to have the perfect marriage, they should focus on having the best communication. There is nothing wrong for a woman who was previously married to be a divorce single parent. Is it really worth being in a bad or unhealthy marriage in order to protect your pride? No, it is not worth it and being in any type of stressful relationship causes stress. If the marriage is over, then let the marriage be over, and stop trying to make excuses why you should stay in the marriage. Deep down, most women know that it is over but they use their children for reasons why the marriage should stay intact. In reality; they are hurting the children by staying in an unhealthy marriage. Children are little detectives, and when something is wrong with mommy and daddy, they are aware of it; even if they do not say anything. Is your marriage worth fighting? Or should you just let it go?

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