It is Time for the Fall Classic

Summer is over and fall is upon us. That means it is time for the fall classic; the baseball world series. That is when we are all glued to our televisions watching these elite athletes battle it out for the title of world champions. Of course all of us watching are imagining what our lives would be like if we were making the kind of money the ball players are.

Meanwhile back in the real world, we are stuck with a car that will not get out of the dugout let alone make it to home plate. The question is; do you place it on the disabled list or make a few adjustments and continue to play it in the hopes it will bounce back and break out of its slump.

If you car slides off towards left field instead of driving right down the middle, check the wheels. They may have too much wear and tear, be scuffed up, need to be aligned, or you may need a new ball joint. If your car does nothing but balk, the battery might need a charge, it may just have a bad starter or you might have to adjust the choke-up.

If your muffler has a foul odor, it may mean that a rod has been thrown out in your engine, it has a torn rotator, its timing is off, or you need to fix the gap on your spark plug. These are serious injuries that could force you into a suicide squeeze play and make you have to strike out on your own in search of a reliever.

If this is the case, it is time to look for your own fall classic. You do not need a muscle car. You need a solid utility player with a good batting average, good wheels and not much mileage; one that can go the distance. You will want to take your time, walk all around the car and cover all the bases. It is always a good idea ask your trainer to assist you and make sure it gets a clean bill of health and is safe to drive. Do not make a decision on the fly, otherwise you will make an error and catch nothing but Bronx cheers.

Once you find just the right addition to your team, you will have to decide what to do with the old timer. You could trade it towards a player to be named later or put it on waivers and hope someone picks it up. If it is not fit to play anymore, you probably will not get any takers. You will just be caught looking at it in your yard.

Before you just retire it, there is another choice. You will hit it a home run if you donate car to charity. Cars4Charities will gladly take it off your roster and give you a tax deduction in exchange for it. Car donation is not a sacrifice it is a smart play for the team of life. Just go to or call 866.448.3487 for details on how to donate your car. They will gladly provide you with the play by play.

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