It’s Not Gray

Black… might be a fact
Asian, White, Latina, ah my Boricua Princess
It is a color I lack
Are you a dream; am I to guess
When the lights go out
Will hearts obey?
Or am I a clown
It’s not gray

Gray… while I am still so young
Old, senior, or senile
So many daughters and yet this son
Seeks such a young smile
What age is next?
And here to lay
Am I more or less?
It’s not gray

White… to keep back the darkness
To awaken me
This artist, rather not see
The could be
For in the darkness, the evil, the Devil’s time
There lies such love I say
That you are mine
It’s not gray

Gold… perhaps, maybe
Sun shines down
Good morning
Your voice the only sound
If only God was around
Could I have the month of May?
Yet I fear a frown
It’s not gray

Brown, blue, green, black, another
Girl I love, girl loves me, or girl I never met
Eyes some other color
State of the world and I don’t fret
Just to look into your eyes
I love the way…
You don’t say goodbye
It’s not gray

At least someday
Know the truth
Feel this way
I love you
No It’s Not Gray

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