It’s Not Satisfying

Living alone is great, except when it is time to take out the garbage, or to vent. Did anyone try to have a discussion with a cat, or an empty room? It’s not satisfying at all.

The sound travels to the walls and back again like an echo, and you hear yourself twice. It’s not satisfying at all.

When it’s time to take the dishes and pots and pans out of the dishwasher, it is all left to you. No one to nag until it is done. It is just you in the house. It’s not satisfying at all.

It might be time to find a man to share your life with if the above is how you feel. Being alone for a long period of time gets lonely, even though you are in control of the TV Remote Control.

Living alone has its merits I admit, but when it comes to being alone all the time, it’s not satisfying at all.

Finding a friend to go places with can make you happy at times, until the friend leaves to go home and you find yourself alone again. Finding a new mate to spend the rest of your life with, can make you happy at times until you find out he has been cheating.

If you are lucky you will have a second chance at marriage, but do not depend upon it happening any time soon, not with all the creeps out there!

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