It’s “Tebow Time” in Denver. A Fan’s Take

As the NFL is getting set to reach the midway point in the season, many moves are being made by teams in hopes of making a push for the playoffs. No move is coming with more scrutiny than in Denver, where we are seeing the rise of QB Tim Tebow.

Coming into the game after halftime in the Week 5 match up against the division leading Chargers, Tebow made quite the impact. Coming just a few plays short of rallying the team, the second year man out of Florida, made plays that the team had been lacking in recent weeks. He scored on both passing and rushing plays to bring the team within five, but they could not capitalize, and ended up losing 29-24.

This left Head Coach John Fox with a decision to make. Should he keep Kyle Orton behind center, or give Tebow a shot. Ultimately the decision was reached, and the team announced Tebow as the starter for the upcoming Dolphins game, giving Tebow a bye week to receive first team reps to become comfortable.

The team made their way down to Miami, and many awaited to see what to expect from Tebow. It was not a good showing through the first 57 minutes of the game, as Tebow was stifled on most drives, but the game was far from over. Leading the charge, behind Tebow, the Broncos came back to tie the game, and force overtime. The team eventually won the game 18-15 on a field goal, and many praised him for his 4th quarter heroics.

For the next few days after the game, Tebow’s performance had been picked apart by fans and analysts alike. Much was being said that you cannot judge his performance based on the team that was being faced. This cannot be a case to be made, however. Tebow has performed well in the NFL, and has already shown signs of things to come in prior games before Miami. He will become a better player as this season wears on, and with the more starts he receives, the more adjustments he can make to his game.

Many fans outside of Denver are rooting against him, but this only fuels him to perform beyond expectations. The work ethic the 24 year old displays eclipses that of many seasoned veterans around the league. He brings a passion to the game that few have seen, which leads many to hold bitter thoughts about him.

We could be witnessing the rise of one of the greatest players to ever play the game, or we could be seeing one of the biggest disappointments in the making. Time will tell whether or not he is worth the hype. For now, sit back and enjoy the show.

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