Jane’s Addiction’s ‘The Great Escape’ is Filled with Ten Awesome Songs

Jane’s Addiction is back after eight years with the release of their long awaited album, “The Great Escape.” This is the fourth studio album for the band that has been together on and off for more than 25 years. Right from the get go, the guys unleash their assault with 10 of the best alternative songs fans have ever heard.

I interviewed Dave Navarro a few months ago and asked him about this new album in regard to past Jane efforts. “This album is different because the band went in a new direction that we haven’t been in before but at the same time there are many familiar threads of where we used to come from. It’s an evolution from where we were but always remembering where we came from.”

This is an incredible album that showcases potential hits like “Irresistible Force,” “Splash a Little Water on it” and “Twisted Tales.” As Navarro touched upon, Jane’s Addiction put their signature sound on each song with the album’s theme having that psychedelic resonance we loved and missed so much.

There really could be a lot more hits with well-crafted and catchy tunes like “I’ll Hit You Back” and “Underground.” However, the release isn’t about how good the album actually is and how many hits “The Great Escape” will harvest; rather it’s a zenith to a band that has had its share of adversity.

As long as it took to release this effort would serve as a right for fans to harbor bad feelings. But being it is Jane’s Addiction and the fact this album is downright astounding, fans instead should cherish this release; because there may not be another one for a while. When asked about the popularity of the band and time between each album, the guitarist said: “Jane’s Addiction has only put out new music when our hearts were in and when we had something to say creatively. I’m hoping the fans identify with that and stick around because they see that.”

It’s safe to say that Jane’s Addiction’s heart was apparent in the making of “The Great Escape.” “The Great Escape” is available October 18, 2011.

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