Jerice Hunter Will Not Take Polygraph

Jerice Hunter’s attorney, Scott Maasen, said until he sees more reports, his client will not take a polygraph. He said it would be careless of him to even say whether it was a good idea or not for Hunter to take the test.

Hunter is the only suspect in the disappearance of her 5-year-old daughter Jhessye Shockley. She reported the child missing October 11, 2011. Vigils and marches to the capital took place, demanding that the search for Jhessye be covered by media and given more attention by police.

During this time, it became public knowledge that Hunter had served three and a half years of an eight year sentence in California for the torture of her then-7-year-old daughter. She was also charged with child abuse of her 3- and 14-year-olds. It was at this time Jhessye was born. Hunter’s mother Shirley Johnson received custody of all the children. Jhessye was given to four cousins to raise. After Hunter was released, Johnson gave the older children back to Hunter. The cousins did not want to give Jhessye to her, but legally had no choice.

Soon after Jhessye was reported missing, the three other children were removed from the home by the state. The children were placed in foster care and after a few weeks starting talking about Jhessye. They said that Jerice had caught Jhessye sitting on the couch watching television with a neighborhood boy. The children told police that Hunter called the 5-year-old a “ho” and dragged her into the bedroom. They said they could hear Jhessye crying and screaming. They told police that Jerice kept Jhessye in the closet, that they would sneak her food and water, while Hunter was out. The oldest child said that Jhessye had her hair pulled out, her eyes were black, almost closed and looked like a zombie. She said the closet smelled like a dead person or a grave. The children also reported that Hunter bought bleach and cleaned the entire apartment, putting incense into the closet, to cover the smell. Police were able to recover a receipt showing Hunter did buy bleach in the time frame given.

On November 21, 2011, Jerice Hunter was arrested on suspicion of abusing Jhessye. She was released when police could not provide the evidence they needed to keep her in jail The police have said they would rather release her, then to take the chance of double jeopardy.

Scott Maasen said that Jerice Hunter was staying with relatives because of death threats.

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