Jerry Lawler Wrestling a Match at WrestleMania XXVIII?

WWE Hall of Famer and “Raw” announcer Jerry the King Lawler wrestled his first WrestleMania match last year and may be stepping through the ropes into the squared circle again at next April’s WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. reports that WWE officials are considering putting the 62-year-old legend in a match on the WWE’s biggest night of the year.

Lawler was a huge ’80s wrestling superstar in the southern wrestling circuit and especially in his home town of Memphis, Tenn., where the King reigns supreme even to this day. Lawler is widely famous for his early 80’s feud with comedian Andy Kaufman which spilled over onto “Late Night with David Letterman.” Lawler is also a former AWA (American Wrestling Association snd at one time one of WWE’s big competitors) World Champion and won a famous unification match with World Class World Champion Kerry Von Erich. Lawler’s popularity eventually landed him in WWE in the early ’90s as an announcer and part-time wrestler. Lawler’s best in ring work with WWE probably came during a feud with Bret the Hitman Hart that lasted for quite some time.However Lawler’s work in the ring never got him a WrestleMania match until last year when he did battle with fellow announcer Michael Cole.

There are no reports of a possible opponent yet but hopefully there will not be a rematch between Lawler and Cole. WWE has missed the boat on a number of occasions to capitalize on using the King in a meaningful match at WrestleMania. However, I think even being well past his prime that given the right opponent, Lawler could have that memorable WrestleMania match that has eluded him.

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