Jessi Cruickshank Collaboration with Me to We

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to meet Jessi Cruickshank at the Me to We store for the launch of her new T-Shirt. I chatted with the past MTV host about her involvement in the community and passion to help others. All the procceeds from the T-Shirt sales go straight to Me to We and Free the Children. When I got home, it got me thinking about another encounter I had at Lush Handmade Cosmetics. The company offers a product called Charity Pot, where all your proceeds other than HST go straight to helping an organization aiming to do good. Is this a new wave of donation and if so, is it a bad idea? Donations to small organizations has been taking a bit of a toll due to high number of natural disasters we have faced lately. So is this the best way to grab at young people’s hearts? and if so, is it a bad idea?

In my opinion offering a product in change of donation is a great way to start a conversation about the cause. Yes, some consumers wake up every morning thinking that they will volunteer or give back some how, but the truth is, many still don’t. I see it everyday, when I am walking home from work, young people on the street trying to use new “creative” techniques to get me to stop and talk to them. I rarely do, but it’s not because I don’t want to help, I just don’t want to make a commitment paying for some one else’s life when I at times am struggle to pay for mine. I was intrigued by Jessi’s collaboration with Me To We, it did catch me off guard but it did tug on my heart strings. I had received a good paycheck and was at the event to meet a friend. I was not expecting to purchase anything, but when I saw the shirt, I thought, It’s cute and helping others, because of that I took the plunge and walked up to the register. I knew the T-Shirt was not made in a lean manufacturing factory that harms the environment. It was a guilt free purchase. Whenever I wear the T-Shirt I get asked by others where it’s from. Jessi managed to design a T-Shirt that is up to speed with the current fashion trend and attracts consumers to it. The same goes for the Lush Product, I was in the store looking to treat myself with a body moisturizer, when I saw that this helps out others, I figured I might as well help out while saving my skin.

Donations coming to people in the form of products is a nice entree way into their hearts. Buying products that save or help communities gets people talking about the effects their purchases make on the world. So now, If I do make a good amount of money one day, and I decide that I want to treat myself, I look for products that have a great effect on others.

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