Jewelry and the Beverly Hills Housewives

I’ve been watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s” television show, lately. I am so amazed at the way all the wives don’t really get along and how, (even though they are rich) they seem to fight on and on about tiny, trivial things. I know that it is a made-for-television program, but wow, what is up sometimes, ladies?

Anyway, I don’t just watch them for the explosive nature they make me laugh at, but how they really treasure wearing their jewels, especially the housewife from London (Lisa). I like her “Cedrick” the tramatized-gay-toy-boy she has staying with her family, and the ever bratty “Camille” and “Kyle” drama. Have you seen how each of the women do agree on one thing? That is vintage jewelry fashion. I love the way (well, sometimes) they do put on the ritz, party and parade around “The Hills-Hood, ” but lately I was wondering if that was the glue that kept them all together? I really do think its’the jewels that each of them has a flair for wearing. Noteably, the “Vintage-Style” (estate jewelry) they wear.. It’s almost a runway fashion show for accesories, every time I tune in!!!! If you’d like to get your “Estate Jewelry” collection going, I ‘ve included a link so you can started!

*** Ross Simmons Jewelry (look in the Estate Jewelry section for the style-factor you want):
Of course, you can Google “Estate Jewelry” to get some other sites that sell them and browse away, but I hope you get what you are lookng for at the first glance.
Hope E

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