Jhessye Shockley- Can Scott Maasen Make it All About Jerice?

We have the picture of Jerice, looking like a jackass eating briars, we have her hugging people who truly thought Jhessye was missing, we have her blaming the media for her ex-“husband” knowing where she is, then in the next breath, blaming them for not focusing on finding Jhessye. She wanted to talk to the Governor, I guess about commuting her sentence, when she finally gets one. She has cried and promised Jhessye that she would find her, guess she was so stoned when she disposed of Jhessye, she cannot remember where she put her. We have heard her wanting CPS to quit holding her other children hostage, that her children were crying mommy ( decoded that means; give them back before they can tell you anything)
Scotty, Jerice has spoken out for Jerice. We have heard about all we can stomach from that female. We have one neighbor saying she never saw marks on the kids, yet we have relatives with emphasis on relativeS as in more than one, saying they saw marks on the kids. We have Jhessye begging to go home with the cousins, and I am sure it was not because they had an etch-a-sketch at their house.

I guess we should believe Jerice, when she says she is a good mother, I am passing that opportunity up, I am trying not to set the computer on fire with the anger I feel. So to put the second part to that word would probably do it. I think that like her prison records, she thought that beating her child for stealing was being a good mother. Maybe she thought with Jhessye being what she called a “ho”, she felt that beating her would bring her life of prostitution to a halt. Yeah, Jerice, at 5-years-old, she was being a “ho”, guess you were afraid she was following in your footsteps. Maybe afraid she would be better at it than you, I doubt that. How sick can a person be to accuse a precious 5-year-old of being a “ho”? I cannot wait to see what the excuse it for that one, if Scotty cannot disprove that she said it.

It may seem disrespectful to call Scott Maasen, Scotty, but I have a real hard time respecting anyone that would take this case. I realize she has a right to an attorney, it just makes me sad that there are such people who would take the case. So, Scotty it is. I get really tired of people like Jerice having a right to breath much less anything else. If she had never laid a hand on Jhessye, I would still feel the same way. But, that is a non-issue, she has not changed one bit and there are relatives to prove it. You would expect strangers or neighbors to tell stories about the children, but when it is the relatives, it makes it more compelling.

How Scotty, old buddy, old pal is going to get her out of this is anyone’s guess. If she gets out of this, I give up on justice. I almost gave up when the Casey Anthony case happened. I figured out though, Ms. Anthony can never go anywhere in this country where she will not be hated. So too, shall it be if this child-killer gets off.

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