Jimmie Johnson Going for Sixth Sprint Cup Championship

A huge NASCAR and football fan, I am happy the Super bowl and the first sprint cup race of the season are not being held at the same time. With the Patriots beating Baltimore, and winning the tickets to play in the big show at Indianapolis, it would have been tough to have two televisions to watch both events. I would have got dizzy and fell out of the recliner.

It is hard to believe the sprint Cup Series is going to start in less than a month. On February 18, thirteen days after the Super Bowl, the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona will be the beginning of what should turn out to be an exciting season of racing.

My all-time favorite driver, jimmy Johnson will be setting out to see if he can regain the crown he held for five years. I know there are a few race fans that are sick and tired of him winning, but I am not. I worked at Lowes when Johnson gained the sponsorship of the company and immediately adopted him as my representative on the track. It took a few years but he finally won and won again and kept on winning. I never get tired of my driver winning and it is so much fun to say, “I told you so” to all the doubters. Now I know what it feels like to have those words thrown back. Especially after the last race of 2011, and everyone came up to me and said “I told you so”. 2012, is the year of revenge.

Maybe it was time for Johnson, and his most enthusiastic fan-me, to eat a little humble pie. I found it does not taste good, and I got a hunch J.J., doesn’t like it much either. At any rate, last year is old news and it is on to 2012.

With a little luck, losing his number one spot at the best end of the garage, and having to watch tony Stewart and other drivers pull their cars onto the track before he can will get the adrenalin flowing. If it does, you can bet the other drivers will be nervous as the Lowes car moves up from behind and takes the lead to a best ever sixth sprint Cup Championship. Gentlemen start your engines and move to the outside, J.J is coming through.

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