Job Creation

The president says that they need to create more jobs. I think that the government needs to strengthen the businesses so they can enjoy more profits. Jobs are created by the demand on companies for the extra help needed when customers buy products and services sold by the businesses. I think that if our government will give the businesses more tax breaks and more incentives to train new workers, then and only then will the jobs market pick back up. It is said that job growth is steadily declining and unemployment is really high.

You couple the unemployment increase with everyday consumer items like gasoline, it makes a families’ income not go far enough to feed, for example, a family of four, comfortably. The jobs that the government seems to be talking about are only temporary jobs. This makes it a temporary solution to a long-lasting problem. College students graduate with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees and can’t find a job in their areas of training. They are stuck with getting meaningless, dead-end jobs, that is if they are fortunate enough to even get a job. How are we supposed to keep up the United States economy if we can’t turn out new job candidates in the future?

I have noticed that a lot of businesses have a problem of finding good employees who are qualified to do the work that is expected of them. They put out employment notices listing what qualifications they want the individual to have and they end up getting really detailed and listing everything they can think of about what they want in an employee. This would probably turn people away from trying to even apply for the position because they don’t think they can even come close to meeting the company’s expectations. There is a lot of employment notices out there for thousands of jobs, why is it that these businesses can’t seem to get them filled? They are not willing to spend the extra money to get these people trained to do the work. So it seems to be a cyclical problem. People go job hunting and they see a complete listing of all of the responsibilities that they will have to undertake in order to qualify for the position and it scares them, so they don’t even attempt to apply for the position.

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