Making Money on the Web

For the past several years I have experimented at making money on the internet. I originally started by placing unwanted goods on the internet either through auction sites are selling them directly on sites like E-Bay, Craigslist and The thing about these sites it that you need a consistent flow of material, whether it is used books, house wares that are in a like new condition or used clothing and apparel that are in excellent condition. Usually you can find a constant supply by checking out your local yard sales as they are coming to a close. Most yard sellers don’t want to repack what didn’t sell nor do they have the time to wait for Goodwill or Salvation Army to come by and pick the leftovers up. Generally all you have to do is ask and they are willing to let you have the remains for free or a small amount of money.

Over the years I have continued doing this but have added doing surveys to my agenda or by reading my email. However recently I started looking to those pay as you click sites. These sites have several modes in which you can earn money but really don’t pay a lot unless you pay $5.99 to $49.99 a month. For this fee they guarantee a certain rate that you receive for looking at various banner ads and give you numerous referrals placed in your down line.

This is similar to the old MLM programs of the 70’s like Amway, Shaklee and Watkins. With these PTC sites you don’t need to sell any product to make money. Based upon what level you join in at determines the amount paid per click which can be anywhere from $.001 to $.20 per ad read. Then for each person enrolled below you, you average 10% of what they earn. Now this may not sound like much but I’m registered with about 50 of this sites. Most have about 10 to 20 ads that pay $.15 a day with ads cycling every 24hrs.Most sites have$10.00 cash out, so it takes an average of two months to reach that level. To view the ads takes about 5 minutes per site, so I’m usually viewing them during commercial breaks when I’m at home or when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or school while waiting on the kids.

I just started this about two weeks ago and have made enough on several of the sites to purchase referrals with what I’ve earned through clicking. Each site makes its payments to sites like PayPal, Alert Pay and Liberty Reserve. But one thing I remember from growing up was a saying that my dad would always say and that was “you will always find more change on life’s pathway than dollar bills, so pickup that change when you can, because overtime that change ads up to make for a wonderful down payment on that item that you dreamed of or the extra payment on a loan each year.” So I always tend to look at whatever I do in that manner. I may not make a fortune doing one thing but the fortune comes from the diversity of the work I do. I will post on this subject again in the near future as soon as I am able to withdraw the funds earned letting those of you who may be interested know if it is worth the effort.

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