Making Opposite Schedules a Winning Situation

You are on your way out the door, heading to work, just as your mate is heading in the door from, that’s right, work. You and your mate can feel like two ships passing in the night. With childcare being so expensive these days, many couples opt to work opposite schedules to eliminate childcare expenses. With today’s economy, two incomes, sometimes three are often needed to make ends meet. We owe, so off to work we go! So when do you see each other?

This is a growing problem facing many of today’s couples. When you and your spouse work opposite hours,communication isn’t always easy. So what’s the solution? Wait until the planets align with the moon and then….? Just kidding, the easiest solution is to compromise. Somebody may have to sacrifice a few hours of sleep so that you two can communicate. Everyone needs there sleep, so take a nap. Set an alarm to wake you up at a time when the two of you can talk. Even while you are at work, you can make your break time, mate time.

Another good way of communication is text and instant messaging. It’s not just for kids anymore. Many people have cell phones and many companies now provide unlimited text and instant messages for a low flat rate. You can send pictures and love notes all day and not break the bank. Many cell phones now have voice and video recording capabilities too. Send your mate a steamy voice note or a cute 30 second video right to there cell phone, it’s a great way to stay in touch and keep you on your other half’s mind. With a little thought and the help of technology, a little thoughtfulness can go a very long way.

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