Mango Madness

While making my oatmeal and brewing some tea

My son looked up quite fondly at me.

I knew what he was thinking as his blue eyes danced about.

That cute little boy was thinking. “Get the mangoes out!”

Now, knowing that mangoes are messy and sticky,

I tried to tempt the boy with something less tricky.

He would have no other snack

And I realized there was no turning back.

That boy wanted mangoes right then and there

I sighed as I got them and said a prayer.

I tied on the bib and grabbed a towel

I prepared the mangoes and heard the kid growl.

It was time for his breakfast, which was already late.

He acted as though he was missing a date.

Next thing I know, the mangoes are flying.

The little boy is happy but mama is crying.

Mangoes on the ceiling, the floor and the stair,

Mangoes up his nose, in his ears and in his hair,

Mangoes on mama, and doggy and doors,

Mangoes on absolutely everything indoor.

Once he was done, I simple stared.

Again, I sighed and said a prayer.

I grabbed the towel, the kid and the pet

I took them to the tub and got them all wet.

I washed ears, and noses and hair and hands

I washed dogs and babies and earned no fans.

I dried them off and let them play,

While I returned to the kitchen again to pray.

I cleaned walls and floors and tables and chairs

I even cleaned the fridge, the doors and the stairs.

What a way to start the day,

But at least mangoes have taught me to pray.

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