Marine Corps Boot Camp Review: What is PT like in Boot Camp?

Today was PT. Series Gunnery Sergeant Staff Sergeant Ruiz ordered me to use the stationary bicycle every night for 15 to 20 minutes or threatened to drop me for PT because myself and another girl were last on the two-mile self-paced run. I’ve never been a runner. This is my first experience where I have been taught how to run. I think I am actually beginning to appreciate being able to run.

I am a bit surprised at the PT here. I thought it would be a lot more. I was under the impression we would be running every day. That our entire day would be spent outside doing exercise drills. The truth is that we only PT three times a week in the morning. It’s kind of nice being up so early and getting it out of the way. Our routine consists of the series in formation on the drill field where we practice surrounding a red wooden platform where our Staff Sgt Ruiz stands so we can all see and follow her direction.

The sand fleas are a living hell here. If you don’t put on bug spray before you get out there, you are in a world of pain because you can’t touch your face or swat the sand fleas away. You have to stand in the position of attention until you are told to do the next exercise. We have to lie on the ground for some of the exercises which only serves to stir up the sand fleas even more. There’s a world of difference between a good PT day and a bad one depending on if you have bug spray on or not.

I think Staff Sgt Ruiz knows I’m a good recruit and that I needed that type of motivation from her to excel. I doubt she put that much thought into it, but just the same. Our senior drill instructor told us we were getting better at drill. We even got frozen yogurt for dessert. That is a big deal around here!

Source: Amber J. Cabrera

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