Mario Party 9 Among Top 5 Wii Game Releases in 2012

Even though Nintendo and Wii owners have their eyes set on the new release of the Wii-U console, there are plenty of Wii games to still be released. Among these games are sequels, franchise hits, sports titles and others. Before you ditch the Wii for the Wii-U, check out the top five games scheduled for release in 2012.

Mario Party 9 – March 11, 2012

Mario Party 9 could have been a great launch game for the Wii-U, but it looks like it will be Mario’s farewell to the Wii console. Mario Party 8 was a great game with multiple boards to choose from, a large array of mini-games and a lot of bonus content to unlock.

The sequel should expand on this with new game boards, extra characters to select from and a whole new collection of mini-games. The key to success will be expanding the four player mini-games and sticking to the formula that made the last title so fun.

WWE Brawl – No Date Announced

WWE ’12 brings realistic simulated wrestling to the Wii console. WWE Brawl will bring over-the-top superhero styled gameplay to the Wii console. Transforming WWE stars into comic-book heroes, the game looks like a mix of WWE All-Stars and Super Smash Bros.

The wrestling ring has been replaced with different locations like subways and castles, providing a different style of gaming for the typical wrestling fan. This game will be great for younger fans as they mix some of their favorite genres into one game.

Men in Black: The Video Game – May 22, 2012

Movie-based video games usually do not fare well, but there is hope for this title. The Men in Black game comes with a special Wii remote extension and players can use it to shoot aliens and make through multiple levels.

Instead of just following the third Men in Black movie, the game takes plots from all three movies and introduces characters from all of them. The alien shooting should provide a lot of fun and mix of humor like in the series of movies.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes – No Announced Date

LEGO Batman was the perfect formula for a video game. A mix between villains and heroes, it was a great tribute to the Batman legend. Now the game expands to include other DC heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Anyone who is a fan of the LEGO video game series is going to enjoy this game. The premise alone sounds better than the first edition and the extra heroes will add a lot of replay value.

The Amazing Spider-Man – July 3, 2012

Marvel Comic fans will not be left out to their favorite heroes on the Wii. Along with The Avengers video game, there will be a new game entitled “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The game actually takes place after the movie’s events and will feature Spidey exploring New York City for crime-fighting and missions.

Spider-Man games are always entertaining and this one should be no different as he flies across buildings and fights off villains.

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