Martial Arts the Woman’s Health Package

Martial arts can increase your health in ways you may have never imagined. There is around one thousand plus forms of martial arts with some of them being around for thousands of years. Their three secret abilities; harmony of soul, powerful health effect and of course self-defense. So what exactly are these benefits and what forms do they come from?

Tai Chi

Tai Chi has been in existence for at least two thousand years with moves that are both slow and beautiful that appears to be a dance.

Tai Chi moves your invisible life energy (tsi) over invisible energetic meridians and setting up the body to be in harmony. By doing the moves correctly it regulates your breathing and clears your mind. There are numerous exercises in Tai Chi such as “Sunrise” and “A beauty open fan”

Among the benefits you will receive; muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. It used to treat such conditions as arthritis, breast cancer and heart disease. Numerous body functions and systems are also improved these include cardiovascular and nervous systems.


Three hundred years ago came the birth of karate. Karate is just not for fighting it does have its positive health aspects for women.

If you start karate and you may not be in the greatest shape the trainings positive results will be seen very quickly. Its most obvious benefit is the improvement in your health. By exercising several times a week it will become a most useful habit to have for life. It aides in balancing your blood pressure and circulation, lowers cholesterol levels, flexibility in muscles and joints. With all it you will see a reduction to trips to your doctor’s office.


Taekwondo translated by Korean means “way of an arm and a leg”. Even though Taekwondo may be complexed it is great for health and wonderful for self defense.

Taekwondo is basically like having the entire gym at your disposal. It builds up muscles but also removes cellulite. Your cardiovascular system becomes strong enough you could qualify as an astronaut. It is ideal for women because it builds up the pelvis muscles making genealogical problems vanish.


Judo centuries old combat fighting style has come a long way. All it took was a Japanese woman in 1904 to teach American girls a secret of self defense. Years later not only did women take Judo for self defense but for increasing their health and improving their bodies.

Judo helps to develop strength, flexibility, self confidence and reaction. Judo works out your body and mind and is great for the spirit.

If you want a great total body work out with different styles then check out a martial arts class today and the best part it is even great for the entire family.


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