Matthew 27:1-10: The Dangers of a Hardened Selfish Heart

In Matthew 27:1-10 of the New Testament, Judas, filled with remorse, approaches the religious leaders who he partnered with to have Jesus arrested. Being paid 30 pieces of silver, he expresses to the leaders his remorse in betraying his master. The religious leaders responded callously to Judas’s confession. They basically responded with a “that is your problem, we could care less” attitude.

Judas leaves his 30 pieces of silver and then commits suicide. The religious leaders respond by saying it is against the Law of Moses for them to use Judas’s money for the Temple Treasury. Here they were, religious leaders who are acknowledging they must obey the law when they were part of a conspiracy to kill Jesus, an innocent man. They were partners in committing murder, one of the Ten Commandments.

It reveals the depth of evil and denial that can happen in the human heart. These religious leaders were threatened by Jesus as Jesus did not love money nor did he strive for power. Instead, Jesus came to love and serve, focusing on preaching the gospel, teaching people and healing physical infirmities. The religious leaders became rich and powerful and were viewed highly by society. They became blinded to the condition of their hearts. Here they were, not using Judas’s money while they were part of a plot to kill an innocent man who was claiming to be the Messiah to the Jews. It is a reminder that humankind must examine their hearts humbly and honestly or we too can fall victim to sin’s denial.

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