McRib and McDonald’s: The McRib Makes a Comeback

Ew. Everytime I hear the phrase McDonald’s McRib, all I can thin of is an actual rib, like one from our body, placed on a bun with some sauce. I know that’s not what the McDonald’s McRib looks like – it’s actually worse. It’s actually a boneless rib, a bunch of square shaped pork, plopped on a bun with some sauce.

If you travel, however, you would learn that other countries that have McDonald’s in their cities and towns have some odd sounding selections as well. For instance, in Asia, they have a McHotdog Mega Sausage for breakfast as well as Filet o Shrimp. In India, they have the McVeggie which is breaded potatoes and peas. And in Moscow, Russia, they serve fried chicken wings.

I have never tried this McDonald’s McRib, because it just sounds unappealing. They dress the sandwich with their typical pickles, onions and barbecue sauce, so maybe that’s the key to its success. It is, however, 500 calories, so if you are watching your weight, maybe it’s not for you.

Local American franchises usually choose when to sell the McRib, typically some time in November, but if you have the craving, check your local McDonald’s or their website.

A little trivia about the McDonald’s McRib. If you crave it that much, (because for some people the McRib is like a cult in its own right,) since it is a sesonal item, get on a plane and travel to Germany. They sell the McDonald’s McRib all year round.

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