Memories of Christmas and Warm Flannel Nightgowns

We just finished decorating our tall and graceful Frazier fir with white LED lights and ornaments that glow and glimmer. The magic is starting to stir through the house and Christmas is still two weeks away. I now realize having my own children just how much work creating the allure and magic of Christmas is for families. Just thinking of the fun and frustration my parents endured puts a smile on my face. It is the little things that make the biggest memories.

Putting the last decoration on the tree, or lighting the tree for the first time every year. We only had colored lights. We had many, many colored lights usually on a short and fat pint sized tree. It was the presents that always were, or at least seemed so big. On Christmas Eve as our parents always prepared to walk the neighborhood and visit our aunts and uncles and godparents and grandparents, it was our time to sit under the tree and dream. My sisters and I lay on our bellies with our legs flinging in the air anticipating Santa’s flight through the house. We had cookies and candy and milk for Santa on a tray with a little cup full of carrots for the reindeer. We were happy we lived in Maine, because we knew Santa would arrive fairly early and not be too tired.

Just as mom and dad were ready to walk the neighborhood in search of Brandy and Eggnog, the best part of the night happened. We were always allowed to open one present each. No real surprise, we always knew it was a new Lanz winter flannel nightgown for each of us. We could not have a Christmas morning without looking our best in new pink and red pajamas.

Christmas morning was always a room full to the top with big presents that took over the room. This was the day we received our skis and boots or bikes and wagons. Sometimes toboggans and sleds or dollhouses and skates. Memories are of big colorful presents were the awe creating moments. Oh, how we laughed and danced and played all day Christmas day. It is funny that today it seems presents are smaller but more expensive, but there still is that simple magical feeling that comes only on Christmas eve never goes away.

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