Memories of Shock on 9/11

Yahoo! is asking Americans how September 11 changed them. Below is an account from a reader.

I didn’t hear about it until I got to work and a co-worker told me that not one but two planes crashed into The World Trade Center. All day long, we had the TV on in the conference room and we were all in and out of there all day. As we watched the story unfold, I watched what was happening and heard about other planes possibly coming and I wondered, “Am I going to die today?”

I wondered if we were all going to die that day. The strange thing was, there was no panic, just shock. I went to the store later that night and it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop-no one was saying a word. They just got their things and left.

I think I lost some innocence that day. I think the whole world did. There are boundaries that were not only crossed but shattered that day. My feeling is we’re all still reeling from 9/11. It was terrifying and heartbreaking, that day and the many days after with people holding up photos of their loved ones, hoping to find them and the stories of the people and what they went through.

It was the worst day in modern World History. It changed the way the whole world operates. We had security in and around our building after 9/11 and we now have to have so much more security everywhere all over the world. I don’t know that anyone sees the world the same after 9/11.

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