Michael Pearl’s Book “To Train Up a Child”

First of all I am appalled at the latest news of the adoptive parents in California beating their child to death after reading the book called Godly Discipline written by Michael Pearl. I am also appalled that these people have the audacity to call themselves Christians! I have become physically sickened by this incident and have decided to spend a few days praying and fasting for the innocent victims of child abuse. I am having a hard time writing this article due to tears and anger that I must hold back for now anyway!

According to the news these parents who lived in California adopted nine children. They home schooled these children but one of these children only 7 years old had a problem pronouncing a word. What did these devils do to their adoptive daughter just because she was having difficulty pronouncing a word? They used a plumbing pipe to spank this child for seven hours resulting in this innocent 7 year old’s death. They did take a prayer break from time to time! How could they be so warped and unfeeling as to think that that they were doing right by God. I feel that these parents were mentally ill thus making them even more susceptible to the improper guidance of Michael Pearl’s book called Godly discipline. Instead of studying the Bible for themselves they just plain adopted his very flawed interpretation of the scripture. They took it literally instead of figuratively. What is interesting to note is that when Michael Pearl was interviewed he said that he never left marks on any of his children and that the spanking just stung them but did not hurt them physically! So why did these parents from California take it to the extreme and actually kill their child?

I don’t believe that these parents are true Christians!

If this couple were truly Christians as defined in the Bible they would have felt the grieving of the Holy Spirit inside of them and they would have backed off from this child. I feel great grief for this innocent child right now along with her 11 year old sister, and, I know that it is God’s Holy Spirit inside of me that is making me feel this way. I am literally Sick with grief! You see when one accepts Christ as their personal Savior they have the indwelling Holy Spirit living inside of them and that person can feel an ache inside of them when they do wrong. Apparently this couple was either callused, mentally ill or so misguided that they could not feel the grieving of the Holy Spirit or just plain were never really saved in the first place.

In the Bible it says ” Those who spare the rod, hate their children, but those who love them are diligent to discipline them (Proverbs 13:24, NRSVI) or its modern version “Spare the rod spoil the child” has been used universally to justify hitting children, by interpreting the word “rod” to mean an instrument of hitting. But the word “rod” comes from the Hebrew word “shebet”, which in translation means “scepter” or staff”. A shebet is a shepherds staff and tool for guiding sheep. A shepherd uses this “staff” to care for his sheep and guide them through the wilderness leading them to safety. This does not include hitting them. Many times the Bible uses figurative narratives to explain a concept! It is when misguided and even well intended people take Scripture too literally that misinterpretation results. The Bible must be studied not just read!

Ephesians 6 verse 4 reads:

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up by training and instructing them about the Lord.”

For years I was given the wrong interpretation by older fundamental Christians but I never could truly believe that using a rod to spank could ever be the right way. I always felt that it was wrong and stupid. Hitting a child is wrong no matter what and more times than not a parent uses spanking or hitting as a knee jerk reaction to their own frustration when they are too busy to know what is going on with their child. Prospective parents should be forced to attend parenting classes before giving birth. Many parents use spanking that later gets out of control because they are frustrated and can’t think of a better way to handle their children.

I must admit that I fell prey to this spanking theory myself even though I did not agree with it. I felt forced into it by well meaning Christians who misquoted scripture, and, also someone very close to me who used brainwashing techniques on me. I raised 4 children and the ones that I or my husband spanked turned out to have violent streaks in them whereas the ones that I raised my own way with the correct Godly interpretation of Scripture and did not spank in an uncontrolled manner turned out to be very gentle loving and kind towards others.

As a matter of fact I never once spanked my daughter and she has turned out to be a very Godly, loyal to the Lord, self sacrificing, kind and loving mother and wife. She has a true heart for the things of the Lord and is very sensitive to the needs and hurts of others! She even wants to become a full time missionary to those in need in the poorest part of Mexico where she already has done some work. Ya!!!! And she was never spanked! My daughter told me that the reason why she has an intense love for the Lord today is because she saw my love for the Lord when she was a child!!!! CHILDREN LEARN MORE BY EXAMPLE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!!

So many times when children misbehaves they are trying to tell us something. Maybe we are not giving them enough attention or maybe we need to take something away from them. The best kind of discipline is for the child to experience the consequences of his behavior which means that when they misbehave some type of privilege is taken from them. I am not sure that any parent really can control the spanking of their child! Due to our sinful nature and impulsiveness in the parenting process we may over step the limits and spank out of anger.

Love to all and happy God inspired parenting!!!

Sources: The Holy Bible, CNN World News and YouTube


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