Michael Vick: The God Story the NFL Hasn’t Heard

The story of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick is profound and unrecognized. His return to the NFL was more than football. His life and career turnaround was in God’s design. Just as coaches and personnel work to improve their teams, comprised of extensive evaluation and roster changes, Vick’s storm was a similar process of destroying and rebuilding, both professionally and in life’s entirety. It was a humbling experience for Vick and he has learned what God wanted him to see. In the perspective of a fan and believer, vivid depictions of this design have been witnessed through events that have occurred since his reinstatement.

It begins with his capsize from NFL salary to laboring 40 hours per week for a construction company. In the NFL, head coaches and faculty call plays, and make adjustments accordingly. In life, God is the head coach of us all. He designed Mike Vick’s playbook. His conviction was in the divine plan, and Vick made adjustments and executed to gain victory. There is random weather during football games and players have to weather the conditions. This was a passing storm for Mike Vick.

The game of football is similar to life. Anything can happen on any given play, and any event can erupt in life. When teams are winning a game, then give up turnovers or lose the lead, it creates a momentum shift and puts players under the gun to maintain their focus and win. Vick had the slightest idea he would experience this momentum shift in life. His story graduates to being reinstated in the National Football League in week 3 of 2009.

He did not play immediately as a starter. He sat third string to Donovan McNabb, four time NFC champion, with a Super Bowl appearance in 2005. McNabb was injured early in the season, but yet it wasn’t Vick’s time to takeover. Kevin Kolb was substituted, and he too was eventually injured. The time came for Mike Vick to get his start. He became the permanent starter after his high performance behind Kolb’s injury and McNabb’s trade to Eagles NFC division opponent, Washington Redskins. God created a play for Vick to get his full chance besides the few opportunities to play on certain downs and situations.

His explosive, MVP caliber season included a history making Monday Night Football matchup against McNabb. The NFL world knows Mike Vick was the MVP, but vote factors did not sum to the MVP crown. He got his chance to resume at a dynamic level of play as if he never left as an Atlanta Falcon, where he began his NFL career, except he was only better. His mark as an Atlanta Falcon remains today!

He eventually earned one of the highest paid contracts (6 years/100 million) in the 2011 season. His future is as bright as his vision. He is destined to accomplish greater feats in the NFL, and ultimately in life. His comeback process was a work of God.

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