Michele Bachman’s War on Facts

On November 8, Michele Bachman was interviewed by Ron Claiborne on an ABC/Yahoo news show called Newsmakers. The first question she was asked was when she decided she wanted to run for president. She said that it was during her fight with Obama care. She also said that the nation was in economic decline. She fails however to mention that the nation is in decline due to republican policies which she supports, not because healthcare was reformed. Michele Bachman always fails to get her facts straight.
When asked what the first thing she would do as president to put America back to work, Bachman said that she would repeal Obamacare so we could have better quality and access to healthcare. Repealing Obamacare would do absolutely nothing to add jobs. She totally side-stepped the Question. Her claim that getting rid of the still to be enacted healthcare reform law would somehow give us better quality healthcare, and better access to healthcare . She also said that she would repeal the Dodd-Frank act, which she called a jobs destruction act. The law enacted regulations to protect customers from corporations. Part of the Dodd-Frank act made it Illegal for Banks to charge 5 dollars a day in overdraft fees.
When Asked what she thought Obama did right, she said she agreed with him on not having a Marine-1 helicopter made, because it was expensive. She then went into a rant about you tube clips. She said that you will never see her in a youtube clip saying 6that is personally opposed to abortion, but didn’t think the government should get involved. This is very strange coming from someone who always cries “big government” any time she disagrees with the Federal Government. She doesn’t think Obama’s policies have helped anyone, despite evidence to the contrary. She also said that she would stand by Israel if it orchestrated an unprovoked attack against Iran, A move that would most likely start world war 3. Bachman showed in this interview that she lacks common sense, and and has no concept of the facts.

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