Microdermabrasion–Treatment for Youthful Skin

According to Microdermabrasion.net, microdermabrasion is referred to any device in which can remove a superficial part of the skin. Treatment will depend on the method your dermatologist will suggest. Some microdermabrasion devices uses paddles or crystals that are passed along the skin with a vaccuum hose-like device which will remove the dead skin cells. Some dermatologists will use creams or combine two or three different treatments in order to get the best results.

As we age the fine lines start to appear and age spots start to form. Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment at diminishing these and other superficial blemishes. The treatment can also help reduce the appearance of some acne scarring. If you have oily and enlarged pores or blackheads, talk to your dermatologist to see if they would recommend a microdermabrasion treatment for you.

Microdermabrasion, according to Microdermabrasion.net, is a safe, non-surgical procedure that most people will find to be an option for them. There are some instances where individuals should not have any type of microdermabrasion therapy. If a person has any type of open sores or lesions, extreme acne or rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and lupus should not have any type of microdermabrasion. This is where you as an individual must be completely honest with your dermatologist and give them a complete list of what conditions you have and also a list of medications you are currently taking and have taken in the last six months. You, yourself can do research and check out various websites and forums to read what other patients feel about the process.

A microdermabrasion session can be done in a short amount of time, usually 30 minutes or less. It is a very stimulating procedure and a nice, soothing experience. It’s like a facial massage. The apparatus moves across your skin and you can feel it “scratching” away the unwanted dead skin cells. Once you become accustomed to that sensation you can actually start feeling like it’s massaging the skin tissue. It is a very pleasant procedure and leaves the skin looking tighter and feeling smoother. Don’t do this right before a big event though, as it will leave some redness to your skin which can last for a few hours.

After treatment, and this is very important, your skin needs to be protected from the sun. Sunscreen is an essential product everybody needs to use daily, but some don’t. If you have a microdermabrasion treatment, DO NOT forget the sunscreen. Your skin will be more sensitive to sun and the risk of sunburn and other damage will be greater.

If you think microdermabrasion will work for you, talk with your dermatologist for further advice to see if a treatment will help improve the look of your skin.


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