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I have been working on some jokes and stories to tell for side venture in the comedy business, to perhaps make a job out of it, and get paid to make you laugh.

I think the biggest contradiction in terms is professional clown.

I am sitting here trying out some to “Sit Down” comedy. I started my sit down comedy as a result of stand up comedy. I have been trying open mic comedy for about a year. Every time, during the first few months, I went up try out my bits, someone always shouted “SIT DOWN.” I figured they are making a suggestion. I decided to follow that suggestion. And so here we go .

Comedy isn’t easy for me. I am still working on the right timing for getting to the punchline without too much rambling. They call me a WIP, NO not that kind. I mean Work In Progress. I think I should to apply the UPS model. To have success in comedy, It’s has to be like UPS, where success is in all in the delivery.

Good comedy takes practice.You should tell the jokes with proper timing. Long stories, with weak endings for light chuckle, isn’t worth the time. There are people who tell jokes where you lost interest 20 minutes ago. There are some jokes you can tell to an empty room, or perhaps to empty a room.

I used to be skinny, then 30 years old came. I hate people who diet and actively lose weight, because. every time someone looses a few pounds I always find them.

New report for single people: Stay single and avoid the conflicts. Don’t go on the dating scene.

People have told me that dating in the modern day prepares people for divorce. I am inclined to believe it. I have seen what happens. I know for a fact that the number 1 cause in 100% of divorces is marriage.

When I was in college, I struggled in to make grades. It took me six and a half years to get my degree. I hated college the first three years. I worked so hard studying and writing my head off to make C’s on my best day. I thought about quitting, Then, I took the suggestion to get checked out. I saw a specialist. It turns out I had potential to succeed but there was a diagnosed problem. I was told I had something called a learning challenge. Actually, I had four challenges which interfered with making better grades. They were called Physics, Psychology, Accounting and Statistics.

I grew up as Christian and took in the whole Christmas and Easter thing. Then I grew up and started to learn things. Then I became Jewish. Not for the money and comedy. I did it as the best excuse not to buy Christmas presents.

You ever wonder why drug rehab programs always have graduation on April 20?

Don’t Worry. I am still keeping my day job.

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