Milagres Rock the House in Portland, Oregon

Brooklyn is abuzz in some circles as Portland’s Sister City on the East Coast, and Mississippi Studios is out to prove that this is true: Since renovating in 2010, the historic venue has hosted numerous shows from Brooklyn-based Independent artists (and New Yorkers, as well), including guest DJ Indie film director John Cameron Mitchell (‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’). Milagres, which means “miracles” in Spanish, packed the floor with fans from both coasts and even in between on Tuesday night, despite it being a crisp fall weeknight for most. The band plays fresh, original tunes from their new album, Glowing Mouth, that sound completely, hauntingly great, as well as one cover song and a couple from their first album. “Milagres is Milagres,” they say in their Musebox Interview. One thing is for certain: This Brooklyn original has found a Portland audience.

Headed for San Francisco and then San Diego on the next stops of their six-week tour that will conclude in the UK, lead singer Kyle Wilson makes it a point to talk about the welcoming Indie scene in Portland.

“We always have fun here, too,” he says. “People in Portland are much more friendly in general than in Brooklyn, but there definitely is comeradery among fans of Indie labels everywhere.”

“Brooklyn has much more diversity, and people live differently,” keyboardist Chris Brazee notes. “But the vibe is the same, and that is what makes Portland such an awesome place to play. Hopefully next time we can stay longer.”

Bassist and keyboardist Fraser McCulloch, guitarist/percussionist Eric Schwortz, and drummer Steve Leventhal took time with Kyle and Chris before and after the show to personally meet with fans and sign autographs, a relative rarity for a labeled Indie band. The atmosphere at Mississippi Studios has created an intimate and charming venue where fans feel close to the band and the music, making it a great place to host an East-meets-West mingling with the Milagres.

While Oregon and New York remain a continent apart, great music still brings us all together.

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