Milton School

Milton School was built in 1904 and ran as a school for 80 years. After the school closed it remained abandoned for some time and re-opened in the 1990s as a factory for Intaglio Design, a company that manufactures items of decorative glass. The company still operates in this building today and includes a warehouse, a showroom, and an antique mall. There is also a Martial Arts Academy in the building too.

There are some strange tales that surround this building, they tell a tale of a murdered student and the man that took her life. Some residents think that there are only old memories that still haunt this building. The stories tell the tale of an event that occurred in the 1930s that can not be found in any news papers from that era. The stories might be legend, but some have seen the something that lurks in the dark shadows of this building.

Legend: One fall afternoon, when the school had let out. The students and teachers had gone home for the day, all but one little girl. The next morning the body of that little girl was found in the shower room, in the basement. Her body was bloody and battered, clothes torn and scattered about and she had been brutally raped.

Police had no leads until someone remembered that they had not seen one of the school’s janitors. He had not been to work in almost a week. The police questioned him, but did not have enough evidence to hold him. They knew he had done it. Story goes that the police had hounded him and would drive by hi house a lot. A few days later the body of the janitor was found hanging in the school. Below his feet was a note that read “I did it!”.

Was this the confession of a pedophile? Did the constant harassment and rumors cause this janitor to take his own life?

Footsteps can be heard while in this building. Some have seen items appear and disappear around the offices. One of the staff members had seen the apparition of a little girl. Some say there was also the presence of a malevolent spirit. They are reports of an unsettling presence.

I suppose this is one of those places where stories can not be proven, but yet there seems to be some sort of activity going on in the building. I guess you would need to check out this building for yourself.

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