Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Which Snow White Movie Will Be the Fairest of Them All?

There are two snow white movies coming out in theaters soon. The first stars Kristin Stewart and Charlie’s Theron and is titled snow white and the Huntsman. Based on previews that I’ve seen from this movie, it promises to be an entertaining action adventure. Stewart, coming off of her Twilight Saga series, plays Snow White in a most unconventional way. Dressed in armor and fighting, she represents a modern-day version of fairy tales.

The second Snow White movie titled Mirror, Mirror stars, Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins who plays Snow White and Julia Roberts who plays the wicked queen. This version is a little sweeter, if not more comedic. Julia Roberts’ interpretation of the wicked queen is more sarcastic than evil.

Which version to see is based on what mood you’re in. If you are looking for the traditional fairy tale, then Mirror, Mirror is for you. If however it you are looking for a little more action and modern interpretation, I recommend seeing Snow White and the Huntsman.

Source: www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2011/11/mirror-mirror-trailer-the-other-snow-white/#ixzz1dvA4cR5X

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