Misconceptions and Truth in OCD

OCD cases are increasing and sadly most of them are undetected. There are many beliefs about OCD that are being passed over from one person to another. But, are all these things that you hear about OCD are the truth and not misconceptions? One must know the truth about OCD in order to deal with it effectively. Dealing and coping may not be easy, but having knowledge about it can help one way or another.

Here are the following truth and misconceptions about OCD:

Misconception: Too much stress causes OCD.

Truth: OCD is known to be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain and is a psychiatric disorder. The symptoms it causes can be harmful. Stress can only trigger the OCD symptoms, but it’s not the primary cause of it.

Misconception: Persons that are neat and clean are considered OCD.

Truth: A lot of people choose to be neat and clean because it is considered as hygienic and not because they have OCD. Having OCD is having mental disorder that causes them to do things way beyond the normal cleanliness and neatness.

Misconception: It is said that there a lot of women with OCD compared to men.

Truth: Some surveys reveal that number of women has OCD compared to men. But, these surveys are not really 100% reliable. Because there are researches that indicate that men and women share almost equal rate of having OCD. There are just discrepancies going on because women can express their emotions more than men. Due to this, women are mostly known to being diagnosed with OCD because of their confessions compared to some reluctant men that choose to keep this disorder hidden, undiagnosed, and untreated.

Misconception: Poor upbringing of a child causes the OCD.

Truth: Again, OCD is a mental disorder and this has nothing to do with upbringing a child. Parenting techniques won’t cause the OCD, but there can be possibilities to worsen the disorder in cases that they raised an OCD child in a wrong way. Bad parenting on the other hand can trigger stress on an OCD child that can only make the OCD symptoms worst.

Misconception: Curing OCD is easy.

Truth: Sad to say, there is no cure for OCD. But there are ways on how to cope with OCD that could help the OCD person deal and still live a normal life as possible. Treatments for specific OCD symptoms are available. There are also support groups and behavioral therapies that give positive results to an OCD patient.

However, it is a must to consult your physician or mental health professional about OCD.

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