Misdemeanor Convictions Way Out of Hand

View the TV Show on FOX NEWS – Orlando Matters here: (CLICK TO VIEW THE TV SHOW) Host Keith Landry a FOX News anchor and 21 year veteran of TV, interviewed former Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp , Brevard County Court Judge Rhonda Babb and Larry Lawton , Founder and President of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD . The show was about the staggering number of non-violent misdemeanor offenses in Florida and around the country. Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp started the Cabinet for Children and Families. Judge Rhonda Babb is a Judge in Brevard County Florida who sees criminal defendants on a daily basis and Larry Lawton , developer of the nationally acclaimed Reality Check Program DVD . Judge Rhonda Babb spoke about the problems she sees in her courtroom. Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp discussed how jobs and the economy are affected and why we need to think outside the box and Larry Lawton spoke on how businesses can get involved and help governments. Host Keith Landry was well prepared and the show was well balanced. Solutions were addressed and they all came to an agreement that something has to be done and done fast. Our young people are our future and being pro-active is the answer. “We don’t believe in bad people, we believe in bad choices” said Larry Lawton .

Look at these numbers:
The US Census Bureau, estimates in 2010 there were 39.6 Million teens aged 14 to 17 years and young adults aged 18 to 24 years in the United States. In 2009, the population in the state of Florida was 18.5 million. There are 605,000 annual non-violent misdemeanor convictions in Florida for teens and young adults. Below is the state by state numbers for non-violent misdemeanor convictions. AK 22,831 KY 141,016 ND 21,144 AL 153,915 LO 146,834 OH 377,297 AR 215,598 ME 43,092 OK 120,519 AS 94,448 MD 186,300 OR 125,050 CA 1,208,175 MA 215,526 PA 412,015 CO 164,245 MI 325,883 RI 34,426 CT 115,003 MN 172,138 SC 149,094 DE 28,932 MS 96,493 SD 26,555 DC 19,601 MS 195,717 TN 205,807 FL 605,955 MT 31,870 TX 810,065 GA 321,290 NE 58,727 UT 91,020 HI 42,336 NV 86,395 VT 20,324 ID 50,528 NH 43,297 VA 257,660 IL 422,006 NJ 284,632 WA 217,834 IN 209,954 NM 65,691 WV 59,483 IA 98,319 NY 638,756 WI 184,839 KS 92,137 NC 306,635 WY 17,791

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