Moammar Gadhafi Death Video and Photos: Disturbing, or Just Desserts?

Moammar Gadhafi death video and photos were made available almost as soon as the Libyan dictator was killed Thursday. We posted links to that material in an earlier article for those who may be interested and seeking it out. However, not everyone is anxious to see the bloody, graphic images captured by rebel forces on a cell phone as they carried out their mission, even if the dead body depicted belonged to a man most agree was full of pure, unmitigated evil. Keep reading for one reader’s comments on the Gadhafi death video and photos linked here.

Moammar Gadhafi Death Video and Photos: Proof For Some, Disturbing For Others

Though many people are seeking out Gadhafi death images as proof of the despot’s permanent termination, still others are disturbed when they come across it online. One of our readers gave us her opinion Thursday, saying, “The photos of a dead or dying person displayed in this manner are so disrespectful.” The reader continued. “It really does not matter how a person lived, they should be respected in death.”

Moammar Gadhafi was killed Thursday by rebel forces in his own hometwon of Sirte, Libya, after forty-two years of ruling with an iron fist; an iron fist at the end of the arm of a mad man. CNN reported Thursday that thousands of citizens in major cities all over Libya, and around the world, were celebrating in the streets upon hearing news of Ghadafi’s death.

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President Barack Obama held an address from the White House Thursday afternoon, several hours after the first reports trickled in from Libya. President Obama congratulated the people of Libya, confirming what had already been confirmed by the Libyan Prime Minister, National Transitional council leaders and news sources such as Al-Jazeera: Moammar Gadhafi was really, truly dead and gone. Gadhafi was killed by gunshots, fired on him by NTC forces looking to overtake Sirte and capture the ousted leader, dead or alive.

If you want to see the Moammar Gadhafi death photos or video proof of the dictator’s death, click here. Be warned: the footage is very graphic and may be disturbing. Children should not view this material.


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