Mom Turns into a Vampire!

Our Dreamer Writes:

Dear Send Me Your Dreams,

My father passed away just over two years ago, and my mother has been on a downward slide since then. She has become frailer, and occasionally she seems confused. But the thing is, sometimes I get the feeling she just wants to be that way. She doesn’t want to take care of herself or even be active in her own life since Dad’s gone.

I have three strong brothers and we all live close by, but it seems like whenever Mom needs something, I’m the one who gets the call. We’ve always been close and I actually love doing things for her and helping her, so I don’t want to complain, and this dream really shocked me:

Something wakes me up and I realize I was sleeping in my Mom’s bed in Mom and Dad’s house. I have that creepy feeling that I’m being watched and sure enough, when I look toward the foot of the bed, Mom is standing there, just staring at me.

Suddenly she raises her arms like wings and kind of hisses at me! She looks horrifying with long sharp teeth and evil eyes! I am frozen with fear. Then I really do wake up!

Why would I have such a terrible nightmare?


Scared of My Own Mom!

Dear Scared,

Our Dreaming Selves can certainly choose some dramatic images to make a point! In this case, I can’t think of a more explicit picture to express your very normal worries in a scenario that is playing itself out in this stage your life. Children do become the caretakers of their parents. No matter how you feel about your mom, the hard truth is that caring for a needy adult is difficult… and “draining.”

Maybe you’d call it a corny kind of pun, but what better method for illustrating this circumstance than having your mom transform into a vampire, one who drains your energy, your life’s blood. Even in the best of situations, what you’re doing is taxing.

You didn’t mention your brothers being in the dream, and it’s notable since you all grew up in the house where the dream takes place. Yet, they’re absent, just as in your waking life. While you all are close enough to lend a hand, they don’t offer to pitch in, and you don’t ask them to. Your Dreaming Self shows you alone with your mom, facing her and what she becomes, without support or assistance.

Your dream suggests an outcome that you’re already feeling on some level – caring for her alone may be too much. You could come to dread the encounters and to be exhausted by the demands. You mentioned that your brothers are all strong. Go to them Dear Dreamer. Work out a system of sharing the weight so that all can feel good about their contributions, and all can maintain a loving attitude toward your mom and each other.

Sweet Dreams to You!


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