Moments that Sparkle in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Trailer

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’s” second theatrical trailer is a comprehensive look at “Part 1″ from beginning to end. It features Bella as a bride, Edward and Bella’s bed-breaking moment, and the chaos that ensues when Bella realizes her unexpected condition. Perhaps fear of leaks from this greatly anticipated tween drama forced Summit to give audiences a taste of everything, but it leaves little to look forward to. Even though avid book fans are already familiar with the plot, seeing it visually laid out is a big part of the draw.

Nevertheless, fans will predictably flock to theaters in record numbers for the final films, even if the sparkle of surprise will be missing. Speaking of sparkles, plenty of moments shine in the action-packed, romantic melodrama-turned-thriller trailer. A breakdown of the second trailer for “Breaking Dawn” should bring you up to speed.

Famous Last Words

Bella has an emotional walk down the aisle on her father’s arm, but not before a loaded exchange where she tells him, “Just don’t let me fall down.” His sage response is, “Never.” Perhaps she should’ve said, “Just don’t let me get knocked up with the spawn of my undead lover.” Since no sex has been had in the previous three films, how was anyone to guess it could happen now?

Fairy Tale Forest Wedding

Despite the tears, Bella makes a lovely bride. Beautiful and fresh-faced, she walks down her flower-strewn aisle out in the woods. Of course, the wedding had to be held in a forest. How else can they close out this fairytale romance which has had every romantic moment up until now unfold in some wooded area or another? The mere glimpse of woods in a film has people yelling out “Twilight.”

No More Tears

Then there’s the requisite tearful goodbye with Jacob, who has been unjustly exiled to the friend zone for all eternity. “You think I’d be used to telling you goodbye by now,” Jacob says. As a glutton for punishment, he manages to have at lease two tearful goodbyes with Bella in each film. Jacob obviously needs to follow Stella’s lead and get his groove back.


First comes love, then come marriage, then comes Edward breaking the bed while on top of Bella, followed by the word “forever” flashing on the screen. Obviously they didn’t mean the bed because that only lasted a couple of minutes before giving way beneath Edward’s passion.

Waterfalls and Stomach Cramps

Oh wait, then comes the baby in the baby carriage, but not before Edward and Bella also do it under a waterfall. “Is only the beginning” then flashes on the screen and if you’re hoping for more sex, get ready to be confronted by Bella’s massive stomach cramps. Are bad chimichangas (or more appropriately feijoada, since they are somewhere near Rio) the culprit? Edward immediately sniffs out Bella must be pregnant with his swiftly developing undead baby. Stranger things have happened, like that coral lipstick he insists on wearing all the time.

In Conclusion, Be an Existentialist

Then Carlisle, whose hair has turned ginger from the shock of Bella’s pregnancy, gives the “incompatible supernatural fetus with human body” news to a very rough-looking Bella. Edward and Jacob throw a fit, the werewolves are in a tizzy, and Bella adopts Existentialist philosophy, telling Edward “You have to accept what is.”

The Volturi are off in their creepy compound waiting to strike and Bella presumably goes into labor assisted by her best friend Jacob, hubby Edward, and the Cullens. I think the lesson in this trailer is she should’ve picked Jacob and avoided the chimichanga cramps altogether.

Whether Renesmee will peak her rapidly growing head out in “Part 1″ will either be revealed in the theater or another trailer where Summit finds it wise to give away the ending as a goodwill token that we’ll all repay them in ticket sales.

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